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  1. Shanice K Alexande'ria (ShaniceKAlex)

    I like everything about this video but that mirror will be hard to clean :(

    1. then… dont make it……

    2. Shanice K Alexande'ria (ShaniceKAlex)

      +shae mae i wasn’t being mean hun I’m just saying… its just a comment no
      harm to your video or channel

    3. The BahamianPrincess

      Shanice K Alexande’ria idk why people are such assholes on here… they
      piss me off. Don’t worry about her she just a Negative Nancy

  2. I loved the chandelier idea! *continues watching* I love it all!

    1. So did I☺!

  3. Seriously, how can 1,000 people dislike this video? It’s amazing!

    1. I agree. I Ioved the video so much, I hit like and subscribed, before the
      video was over.

    2. misterludakris Excellent Point! Alot of people say I am a glass half full
      type of person. But to have a glass half full is stating that there is a
      negative or negative space and draws attention back to the negative. The
      amount of something shouldn’t be what makes people happy but the fact of
      having anything at all is always a blessing. I just wanted to point out
      that there is at least one person in the universe that thinks the same way
      as you do. 😉

    3. Could only be jealousy or envy

    4. Alksandra Pawluczuk

      Danisha Morris becouse this girl is destroying someone else property she is
      so fucking dumb i cannot stand her destroying the mirror to decorate
      something she is tastless and cunning moron , how pieces of broken mirror
      are even pretty , did you even saw pretty mosaics ?!look at art , its
      pretty this one is absolutely discusting , and rubish , and she is crazy !!!

    5. @Alksandra It has 76,335 likes which stands to reason in the eyes of many
      many people this is a Beautiful Unique Clever Crafty Piece of Work!! you
      are a very UGLY person on the inside to write what you just did.

      If you don’t like her video simply move on. I feel your envy & jealousy in
      your comment which makes me sad for you.

  4. oh god ill try it bby

    1. u are a levinator mcbaby and subbed to Isaac ily

    2. jk I don’t love u

    3. alisha marie woah alisha

  5. Wow I love it

  6. I just did a couple videos on DIY marble furniture. Check them out

  7. You are so clever and have some fantastic ideas.Love watching your videos.x

  8. the mirror piece made me subscribe

  9. I like what you make but this drums- noise is unbearable !

  10. LOVE your chandelier!!! re: the white rug pillow covers, you can use a
    regular hair brush to fluff the hairs up!

  11. The mirror thing looks class!

  12. The cost would be worth it I don’t think

  13. I wish i could have all my bedroom white.. but ya know i have 3 boys so
    wouldnt stay white for too long lol x

  14. Love these ideas! Gay man here, honey. You know I subscribed!

  15. im watching so many cute DIYs i need to make a list ;( ;(

  16. hermosas ideas!!!!!!!

  17. I'm sarcastic, I can't help it

    Everything is abso-tively-posolutely fab-u-lous!!!

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