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DIY Room Decor 2015 ♡ 3 Easy & Simple Wall Art Ideas!

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In today's video I show you men some simple, easy as well as adorable wall art area design ideas! HOPE YOU APPRECIATE! ♥ Comment below informing me a) your favored Do It Yourself from this video clip, b) your favored One Instructions participant, and c) what color you assume the dress is?!?

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♡ List of supplies ♡

Do It Yourself # 1.
Paint sponges – Michaels.
Paint – Michaels.
Frame – Target.
Alphabet sticker labels – Michaels.

Do It Yourself # 2.
Canvas – Michaels.
Painting brushes – Michaels.
Paint – Michaels.
Paint sponge – Michaels.
Glitter – Michaels.
Q-tips – any pharmacy.
Mod Podge – Michaels.

DIY # 3.
Frame – Target.
Wood clothespins – local craft store, but you'll most likely locate them at Michaels or any type of craft store.
Twine/string/yarn – local craft store.
Paint – Michaels.
Paint brush – Michaels.
Photograph images.
Disclaimer: This is not a funded video clip and also all opinions are my own:-RRB-.


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  1. I don’t understand why your channel doesn’t have at least a million
    subscribers. I mean your channel is amazing and i loved the DIY! I’ve
    helped by subscribing. 😃

    1. same

  2. When you watch this in 2016 and see Zayn and start crying cause you miss

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    3. So what – they have broken up anyway

  3. 4 some reason I cannot hear you talking it looks as if you are lip singing
    or not saying any thing at all anyone else??????

    1. mine worked

    2. it works for the left headphone

    3. +Zahra Ali thank you so much I was only wearing I headphone idk why tho lol

  4. You have an ECLP!!

    1. Yes! I love it! You can use the link in my bio for $10 off your order 🙂

    2. What is that????

    3. +Ava Bonini a fancy planner

  5. watching this in 2016
    **cry * ZAYN!!!

    1. Lesi Estrada same

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      Lesi Estrada me to

    3. Lesi Estrada same

    4. Lesi Estrada and I went to a black veil brides concert. so what? 😂

    5. Hareny Puganeswaran


  6. Who heard something big at 4:26?

    1. +Katelyn Rose typical mendes army people!!👍👍😆

    2. I was gonna stop watching but than I heard Shawn😂😂

    3. Khadijah Edhi same 😂

    ZAYN LEFT 😭😭😭

    1. I’m subscribing bc you like One Direction 😀😅

    2. LavenderAri LOL

    3. LavenderAri same

  8. immediately cliked the like button as soon as I saw 1D

    1. Ambika Maharjan SAME

  9. Everything i had notice in this video was One Direction hahaha

  10. Slave of Allah Dawah


  11. how watch in 2016


    subscribe pzz

  12. so sad…I have no paint.
    anyways, I love your DIY ideas

  13. Well….WHO’S WHATCHING IN 2017 1 OF JANURARY ? ME!!!!

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  15. so beautyfull and she is also gorguse

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  17. Talks to much

  18. it’s blue and goldish green

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  20. Beau // UtterlyDelirious

    When you hear Ellie 😍🙏🏼👑

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