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Developers, hack your style to free passes to Disrupt SF 2018

You’ve heard how TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 is going to be the biggest, most ambitious Disrupt ever — and we’re serious. So serious, in fact, that we’re super-sizing the Hackathon, taking it online and constituting it world. Thousands of the world’s most talented developers, programmers, hackers and tech makes can participate and defer their hacks from anywhere in the world. The clock starts now — you have a little less than 6 weeks to build your team and start generating your activities — so sign up today to get started.

We’re asking you to show us how you’d creatively create and utilize technology to solve numerous challenges. Reviewers will review all eligible deferred hacks and frequency them on a scale of 1-5 based on the quality of the idea, technical implementation of the idea and the product’s potential impact. The 100 top-scoring units will receive up to 5 Innovator Legislates for their team to attend TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018.

Plus , the 30 highest-scoring crews will advance to the semi-finals, where they get to demo their newly founded commodity at Disrupt SF. From there, we’ll choose 10 of those crews to slope their hack on The Next Stage in front of millions of Disrupt SF attendees. One of those 10 units will win the $10,000 grand medal and be the first-ever TechCrunch Disrupt Virtual Hackathon champ.

But that’s not all! We’ll too have some terrific patron contests already announced from BYTON, TomTom and Viond 😛 TAGEND


What can AI do for you while on the move?

What will people want to do in a gondola that has a 49 ” screen and drives autonomously? How can we create an entertaining day with a vehicle that’s able to communicate with other vehicles on the road or smart metropoli infrastructure? We objection you to think creatively and develop unique solutions to give people their “time to be” while on the move. Smart agendas, recommendations and digital assistants are only some of the ways we’re “ve been thinking about” doing neural networks during the age of autonomy.

At BYTON we define ourselves by throwing customers their “time to be” while in our autoes through a unique user knowledge, interior design, and autonomous driving. The BYTON Concept must be able to become engineering help life, catering an pleasant day for parties on the move. BYTON Life is the core of that suffer. It is an open digital cloud scaffold that are linked applications, data and smart designs. When integration with innovative human-vehicle interaction, it takes the smart know-how with the vehicle to a whole new level.

Sponsor Prizes : $5,000 and an invitation to a BYTON Co-creation Event to meet the creators of BYTON Life will be awarded to the top unit that implements subsisting engineering and APIs of their choice to develop a unique and artistic answer. Gifts for second prize is likely to be $2,000 and third loot is likely to be $1,000.


TomTom developed the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential fabrications of all time. Since then, our software and piloting technologies have been powering hundreds of millions of applications globally. From industry-leading location-based produces, mapmaking engineerings, innovative apps and connected gondola business. We continue to influence the future, leading the road with autonomous driving, smart mobility and smarter cities.

Location-based AR app on GitHub — Construct an augmented actuality( AR) application that demonstrates how the TomTom Maps APIs can be combined with AR technology to generate custom 3D macrocosms, enable place annotations or incorporate traffic-enabled directions and movement ages in applications. The TomTom Maps APIs are already permitting developers to establish location-aware applications that can presentation maps and traffic information, search for sites and points of interest and calculate traffic-aware roadways and travel ages. With these new challenges, we want developers to enhance their solutions by blending TomTom location technology with AR technology in a mobile or web application. Creativity and innovation will be highly valued and reinforced!

Sponsor Prize : $5,000.


Viond allows artistics, agencies and businesses to create interactive 360 deg/ VR suffers with drag-and-drop abilities without the necessity of achieving VR programming skills. Viond significantly reduces the effort and cost of creating 360 deg/ VR suffers inventives with the tool and programme to explore this new medium.

Viond offer an authoring implement to create interactive 360 deg know-hows. The authoring implement is also possible downloaded on the Viond Hackathon site and is available for Mac and PC. Experiences can then be published via the Viond Cloud to the Viond player available for iOS, Android and Oculus.

Sponsor Prize : First place: $1,000 US+ 12 -month Viond Enterprise permission+ the chance to win the TechCrunch hackathon. Second Plaza: $500 US+ 12 -month Viond Professional license. Third Target: $250 US+ 12 -month Viond Professional license.

It’s free to participate in our virtual hackathon and you can participate from anywhere! So why are you waiting for? Gather up groupings of your closest developer friends and sign up today!

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