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Bored Panda Helped Me Quit My Day Job To Clear Fantasy Book Covers For A Living

Hello! My name is Aniko! All of my life I knew that one day I am going to be a successful master, but numerous life events tried to push me off course and tried to establish me do interesting thing for a living. My mothers always wanted me to have a well-paid responsibility and as a boy I listened to them, although it was hard for me to spurn my reveries of exactly being a free spirit and reach beautiful happenings for others.

Over 6 years ago I graduated as an interior designer and architect’s deputy and straight after that I moved to London, UK. I only expended my educational abilities during my analyses and I made in a few interior design and building business. It never fascinated me, so as soon as I graduated, I never came back to my primary professing. Ever!

Apart from painting and crafting, I had a craze about Photoshop and photo manipulations, which I had practised as a hobby since I was 14. Astonishingly, this exact pastime got me my very first errand in London and continued me employed for the next 5 years. Parallel to that I had established my little handmade crafting business from residence and discovered polymer clay and sculpting. First as a hobby and then with much more professional attitude, sculpting very rapidly took over my whole living and became visible to other crafters in social media. But it wasn’t enough to survive on and even if I was already a World known creator and had quite a big following of my fellow crafters, it never reflected on my billfold. I had to be a “Boring Day Job girl” during the day and an master in the evenings and weekends!

Then, in May 2015 “re coming out” a post about my journals here on Bored Panda. Literary in 1 day I gained a thousand brand-new likes, e-mails, questions, askings, interrogations, reposts on other viral websites and in 1-2 week’s period I was booked for the next 6 months upfront to construct clay magazines and jewelry for all those incredible people who experienced me on Bored Panda and recognized my work.

I quit my daytime activity in a Way Studio almost instantaneously after this successful pamphlet and never gazed back. This is what I’ve been waiting for all that time! I acted in a style studio as a photograph retoucher before and you may say that this is an amazing profession in itself, but all I can say is that my dreamings laid abroad … in establishing BEAUTIFUL and most importantly MEANINGFUL THINGS for other people and afford my adore and approvals to them this method! You can’t even imagine how glad it does me to receive photos of people who received my innovations as a gift, and to hear narrations of my purchasers who often say that snaps of delight appear on their eyes when they unwrap their packs and detect their arranged components inside!

All of the pictures below are the artworks I made after Bored Panda promoted my art( 2015 and early 2016, except the frog and owl ones ). I am eternally grateful to members who Bored Panda squad for “re giving me” this opportunity. This is priceless! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Fox’s Family Journal

Video tutorial on how to make an elephant journal( 3 characters)

You can see more “ve been working on” Etsy

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