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Another Day, Another Delusional Dear Betch Email

Dear Betches,
This is kind of long, satisfy bear with me. A duet years ago, my male best friend of 7 years got a girlfriend( who wouldn’t even admit he was her boyfriend in public) and since she was my neighbour she started coming over to hangout or wait for me to get ready to go out. The event with this bitch is that she was sly, being quite an apathetic being I never caught her wars although my sisters and other friends would ever point it out. Turns out those sly moves were just her test the water because she started get the hell out of there my nerves with thoughts like talking shit loudly about a personmost of the times a full-grown soul/ wife who respects me( and I respect them) right next to them, disappearing full Bat Shit Crazy whenever we’re in public( never when we’re alone) and committing the largest sin of exiting after my crush.

First of all i would like to point out that we are both 22 years old and i’ve only liked 2 guys my whole life( this being the second largest) because I’m an disruptive nerd who plays call of duty in their free time, but still a hot geek. I’ve been talking about him ever since I went to college like she KNOWS I like him And she HAS a boyfriend, but when we met at a restaurant she instantly discerned him( he was get take out) I gazed over and he discerned me but we were not talking back then precisely reciprocal staring. I cuss the girl nearly launched at him she started jumping up and down and returning her whole torso 180 stage in his direction openly flirting and casually mentioning shit like: he’s so cute gaze he’s staring at me he was look at this place my eyes then at my cheeks* insert dreamy gazes* …. Can you believe that? Not exclusively did she altogether shed the facts that he was MY crush and she has a BF right out of the window she almost exposed the fact that I speak about him to her.

Then in her hyperactive nation she started requesting about which auto he has and where he lives then recommended following him residence after discovering how he was dressed casually( he did in fact live very close to the restaurant, I figured later) ….. I will let you comment on this, but in case you got worried no I did not allow following guys home in my presence. After the frequency I slowly ghosted her, her actions get worse and i completely slam her out. Then our friend and I fought because, and I motherfucking quote “I don’t trust her remaining faithful if she goes out with other girls, but when she’s with you she won’t do stupid occasions because she respects you” ????????? Well I stopped talking to both but when I reunited afterward with my best friend and made up, he rushed me, I shit you not. Of track nothing happened but he only apologized because he had a gf and up until today he crave me not to get a bf because he’s planning to settle and propose to me ??????????( Ahahahahahahaa what a fucking joke) All of this was said while he’s still with her. After this incidence developed the biggest jolt I found out that fucker apologize of a best friend informed her everything I tell him from the smaller everyday things to when we quarrelled about the things that represented me stop talking to her. Up until now I’ve simply been ignoring him and her for that matter. But he still plead me to talk to her because she has changed ever since I basically exiled her from my life “she doesn’t hang out with daughters anymore, shuts herself in her room most of the times and having self esteem issues”. I was like duh that’s the motherfucking point. The circumstance is soon we’ll be assembling through a mutual acquaintance, should I disappear or not( the reciprocal pal got engaged and we’re celebrating) and if I move what should I do?( Document: I’m a nice girlfriend but when wronged and decide to confront I fuck people up. hence why I’m hesitating and can’t decide what the hell is do, aside from the session)

With love, Nice betch.

Dear ????

What the fucking did I precisely speak ??( I find myself asking that more epoches than I really should .) Readers please note, paragraph interruptions were input by me because Im not a fucking demon and didnt want you all to go through what I precisely did. And I dont aim WTF did I simply speak in like a entertaining course. I make it literally. I cannot make heads or tails of WTF is going on in this scenario. Is it the excess question marks? The scarcity of stress pronouns? The convoluted stream-of-consciousness absolutely needing changes? The over-description of time details while failing to explain the bigger illustration? Ill take all of the above for $400, Alex.

So Im going to give the only advice I can based on what I presuppose is happening here. I could be very wrong. If thats the event, its your fault.

OK so heres what I fantasize happened 😛 TAGEND Your friend( well get to that in a second, but you can probably guess what Im going to say about that) started dating a BSCB Friend action you to become friends with his BSCB gf BSCB is sort of crazy in that she mostly cheats on her BF( or tries to ??) every likelihood she gets Youre in fucking middle school despite claiming to be 22 years old because you have a crush on a person who youve plainly never spoken to and are weirdly fucking territorial about and you say shit like For the record, Im not following the logic at all about how she almost exposed you when, by your note, SHE was the one flirting with him, but okay. I’M ALSO NOT SEEING HOW THIS IS AT ALL RELEVANT TO THE ISSUE AT HAND. Or genuinely what the issue at hand is.

Updated: June 7, 2017 — 3:24 am

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