Republican nominee Donald Trump was back in the nation’s capital Wednesday to celebrate government officials the liberalization of Trump International Hotel Washington D.C .

With the noticeable exclusion of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this is the most begrudged portion of real estate in Washington DC. The excellent location, Trump touted to a audience of about 500 invited clients and an additional 450 members of the media in the inns presidential ballroom and lobby.

Located in the 117 -year-old Romanesque revival of the Old Post Office building– about halfway between the Capitol and the White House– the 263 -room luxury hotel held its soft opening with little fanfare on Sept. 12.

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Originally set to open in 2018, Trump’s DC hotel is open early and under budget– a theme that has been reinforced throughout the campaign and at the opening ceremony, both in comments and signage.

Today is a occasion not just of fulfill, but surpassing those goals, told Ivanka Trump, who was the only other member of the Trump family to address the crowd at the ribbon curve. But the hotel’s financial sustainability has been called into question, with room rates having declined by around 50 percentage since the soft open.

Both Trump and his daughter spearheaded the $200 million reconstruction, working with designers Beyer Blinder Belle( who previously rehabilitated the hall of the Empire State Building) and interior-design consultants Hirsch Bender Associates.

With the election exactly 13 epoches away, most of Trumps observes Wednesday centered on his expedition. Many references to the hotel dimension were tied back to his candidacy.

Today’s a analogy for what we can accomplish in its own country, Trump told. The presidential wannabe did not acknowledge the few protestors that gathered in the early morning hours( the AFLCIO extended a dissent in front of the inns Pennsylvania Avenue entry, which was audible in spates from the ribbon curve in the atrium) and they’d primarily diffused before he left the hotel after conducting a few interviews.

Also absent from Trump’s observes, any commentary regarding the inns difficulties noting a flagship restaurant after two celebrity chefs set to open eateries dropped the Trump over the candidates contentious anti-immigrant mentions. The early text though on BLT Prime by David Burke, which is the inns sole restaurant other than the hall forbid and a Starbucks, has been fairly positive. A second restaurant has not been announced.

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A spokeswoman confirmed to that all of the hotel rooms had now been been ended but parts of the dimension still remain under building.

The Spa by Ivanka Trump, set to be the introduction of her spa line that will rollout at other Trump belongings, is still being finished. Hotel officials would not confirm an official opening appointment.

What’s open for certain? The hotel’s inaugural weekend parcel: $500,000 for a stint in the 6,300 -square-foot Trump Townhouse( which is bigger than the presidential suite) and includes dinner for 24 in the duplex suites dining room, car service and two round-trip first-class tickets from anywhere in the largest United States.