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A Czech Producer Buffs Up the Bohemian Glass Industry With a Focus on Design

In a cluttered, concrete-floor shop nearly as red-hot as a sauna, a half-dozen husbands in T-shirts and shorts fly around a glowing furnace, pulling out long, hollow twigs tipped with molten glass. One by one, construction workers gave the tubes to their cheeks and gently blow, twiddling the twig as the glass bubble expands, shaping the mass into a vase, a carafe, a bowl, or even a small piece of furniture.” We are subsisting brand-new life into the Czech glass industry ,” suggests Pavel Weiser, the glassmaker’s owner.

Weiser’s company, Verreum, has depicted a world-wide following by wedding conventional workmanship with 21 st century design and market. It specializes in silvered glass–handblown glassware coated with a thin movie of metal. The process was developed in the 1800 s for parts such as candlesticks and vases but had virtually disappeared until Weiser revived it.

Bonbon side tables by Luca Nichetto.

Source: Verreum

Verreum’s workshop, 60 miles north of Prague, turns out limited-edition fragments created by internationally famous decorators, priced from EUR1 50 ($ 177) for a duo of coffee cups to about EUR3, 000 for a table or stool.” When they first contacted me, I was skeptical ,” enunciates Luca Nichetto, a decorator in Venice who has done two collectings for Verreum. Nichetto says he was won over by Verreum’s willingness to let him venture with ideas such as an “extraterrestrials” collection of oblong vases and candleholders with extremities resembling antennae.

Counterbalance lamp by Dan Yeffet.

Source: Verreum

Such formations are a long way from the carved crystal and hand-painted parts typical of Bohemian glassmakers. Although sightseer patronizes in Prague overflow with those, Czech manufacturers have fought in the post-Soviet era as state-owned mills were privatized and faced lower-cost rival from China. With $230 million in annual auctions, the Czech glassware industry has contracted by about 25 percentage since the mid-1 990 s, and the number of members of proletarians has fallen by more than two-thirds. Verreum is one of at least a half-dozen Czech startups that are helping regenerate the business with a focus on high-end design and creative production methods.

In the mid-2 000 s, while working in commerce in Prague, Weiser took potential investors to look at a glass factory. They didn’t bite, but Weiser, 48, was intrigued and are used in the business. He soon came across references to silvered glass and sensed it was possible to” a really exciting commodity, made from an amazing fabric, with blueprint that’s young and fresh .” In 2009 he sold out of that busines to start Verreum. The company’s workers today heat glass pellets, sand, and substances to more than 2,000 F. The objectives are blown, refrigerated, and placed in wooden molds; later they’re reheated to structure a second mantle of glass. This process composes excessively thin and light-footed objects, but the surface must be flawless, because the silver finish, applied afterwards, overstates flaws. When Weiser firstly clarified the technique to laborers, they asked,”‘ Why? It’s too complicated ,'” he withdraws.” But they decided they liked current challenges .”

Uru receptacles by Rony Plesl.

Source: Verreum

Weiser hired creators such as Nichetto and Karim Rashid, an industrial designer in New York, to generate collections for the firebrand that have been exhibited at demonstrates in Milan and Paris. Verreum components are sold at stores and museum accumulates in Paris, London, and New York and have been featured in interior design magazines and in museums. Weiser says his biggest marketplace is the Middle East, where there’s a tradition of committing fine glassware as a gift.

Verreum leases its seat but next year plans to open its own factory. Weiser mentions sales will grow about 30 percentage this year from EUR1 million in 2016. While the company fills merely a tiny niche in the Czech glassware industry, it provisions a lifeline to some provider of glassmaking paraphernalium while applying postgraduates of a neighbourhood school that instructs glassblowers. The plant offers” a totally new job number ,” enunciates Michal Masek, banked by Verreum after the factory where he worked went bankrupt.” There’s more art and blueprint. Every date is different .”

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