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7 Inexpensive, Modern Alternatives For When You Finally Get Sick Of IKEA

Like any good 20 -something, I adoration IKEA with every fiber of my being.

There’s something freshening about straying around in a housewares store where happenings don’t overhead all of the dollars. That tell me anything, it gets a little spending were told that your furniture is too everyone else’s furniture. Aside from that, IKEA has the inexpensive, modern decor game on lock…or does it? As it is about to change, there are some great alternatives that can help you embellish your brand-new apartment with stylish slice that won’t burst the bank.

Even better than that, they can help differentiate your decoration from that of everyone else you’ve ever met.

1. Society 6

If you’ve ever tried to replenish your apartment with modern decoration and almost driven yourself into maiming debt, you know that the struggle is, as the children respond, so real. That’s where Society 6 comes in. This corporation leaves masters the opportunity to sell their patterns on everything from throw pillows to shower draperies. The best part is that the prices are stunning. I might visit this area on a weekly basis….I might.

2. CB2


Have “youve been” gone to a Crate& Barrel store and did, “HAHAHAHAHAHA NO”? Same. Fortunately for us, the conceives behind that furniture powerhouse rolled out CB2, which is a more affordable alternative that smacks the sugared spot privilege between Crate& Barrel and IKEA. They also have great outdoor furniture alternatives!

3. Midnight Velvet

While Midnight Velvet sounds like the call of a company that might sell X-rated movies to children, the brand is absolutely innocuous( and totally awesome ). Their collecting actually has much more mixture than IKEA’s, because they are carry inexpensive patches across the aesthetic spectrum. Oh, and they sell clothe, so when you are find a great couch, you are able to spend all the money you saved on a new summertime wardrobe. You’re welcome.

4. Muji

If you crave something that’ll define your minimalistic nature aflutter, Muji is here for you. “Its probably” one of “the worlds largest” spot-on IKEA alternatives, so if you don’t want to have the same coffee table as your momma and your sister and your cousin and your cousin’s cousin, this accumulate will rob you up.

5. AllModern

How do I cherish thee, AllModern? Tell me count the ways. This Wayfair hosting locate helps admirers of all things modern skip the traditional trash and get right to the posh, streamlined riches. From bathroom vanities to stupefying lamps, this one-stop patronize will help you crowd your home from flooring to ceiling without melting your credit cards.

6. Target

Most parties look forward to affecting the club on Friday night, but me? I desire going to Target. I live for Target. I’m going to need everyone to stop sleeping on Target. They slay the residence cloths recreation, so if you need shrouds, coverings, fling pillows, or a rug that doesn’t inexplicably overhead a million dollars, get your laughingstock over to the best storage of all time. Their enormous costs actually softened the punch when my pup departed onward and upchuck on my front room rug 30 instants after I accompanied it home.

7. Bonus: Z Gallerie

Let me preface this by saying that Z Gallerie isn’t really in the same cost bracket as IKEA, but if you’re really good at adulting and you can move up a financial pace, Z Gallerie carries some of “the worlds largest” lovely contemporary furniture of all time. I’m not being hyperbolic. It is a scientific fact.

IKEA’s sleek aesthetic is amazing, and if you want to take that style up a notch, check Z Gallerie’s site out. They too extend great sales every week for those of us who are still new to adulthood and its expensive charms.

And there you have it. Leaving IKEA behind is going to be hard, but I have faith in you.

( via BuzzFeed)

I stand by my decision to buy a $25 coffee counter, and you are able to lever my IKEA bookshelf from my cold, dead handwritings. That being said, I know from experience that there are plenty of inexpensive options floating around out there. The Internet is your oyster, friends. If you need me, I’ll be giving all of my coin to Society 6.

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