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45 Funny And Strange Things Spotted On the Subway( New Pics)

Ah, the subway! The supernatural neighbourhood where the laws of normality stop working. The instant you go underground to catch a teach, you’d best be prepared to see entertaining, funny and, frankly, mind-blowing things.

To keep you giggling the working day long and to remind you that life is full of little stuns, Bored Panda compiled this list of funny, odd and strange things discerned on the subway. Vote for your favorite strange( r) things( pun most definitely intended ), and give us know in the comments below what you think the narratives behind the pictures are. Likewise, be sure to check out Bored Panda’s other listings about the metro, including weird people, the most beautiful metro depots, vintage photos of New York’s subway and even more baffling things on the subway.

# 1

This Punk Helping A Woman Carry Heavy Stuff In Berlin’s Subway

# 2

You Can’t Bring Your Dog On The Subway In New York Unless It Fits In A Bag

For some reason, registering the metro is like turning on an occurrence of The Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. Whatever you thought you knew about reality doesn’t matter anymore.

# 3

My New Spirit Animal

# 4

Some Relationships Are Inspiring

I think these two would is everything for each other. Owner is toting his baby via a customized back carrier and get an appreciative paw hug the whole time. I have never seen so many smiles on the Uptown A Train.

Subway arrangements are ancient — over 150 years old. The first metropolitan underground railway, the Metropolitan Railway, began operating in London in 1863. It was very popular even though it wasn’t the most comfortable mode of transportation: it was wielded by steam qualifies and was undesirable for fares and staff. In 1890, the first electrified subterranean metropolitan railway, City& South London Railway, opened. Since the tunnels were tubular, the word “tube” eventually became synonymous with the London Underground.

# 5

Iron Man Is Alive

# 6

When You Match The Subway

In 1896, Budapest opened the first electrified underground boundary in Europe. The Budapest system was the first underground with overhead cables. In 1898, the technically outdated two-line Vienna Metropolitan Railway in Vienna was opened which was operated by steam develops. The plan is transformed into a modern underground railway simply in 1978. The first front of the Paris Metro opened in 1900. Its full appoint was the Chemin de Fer Metropolitain ; the call was shortened to ‘ metro ’, a word we’re all familiar with and acquired by many languages.

# 7

Would You Accept?

# 8

Sooooo, My Friend Found His Doppleganger In The Subway Last Night

Boston has the oldest subway passage in the United Commonwealth that is still in use, dating from 1897. The New York City Subway which became one of the world’s largest rapid transit systems, opened its first region in 1904, pulling from City Hall to 145 th Street.

# 9

Perfect Timing


If I Ignore Them, Maybe They’ll Go Away

Cairo was the first African city with a metro method. It was initiated in 1987. The second African metro opened in Algiers in November 2011. Pretoria, Lagos, and some other African cities also have plans to build rapid transit systems. Which means they extremely will soon be enjoying all the odd views and sounds of the metro, just like us.


On The Train On The Way Home From Oktoberfest


The Tube’s Infamous “Balloon Bandit”. He Establishes Balloon Animals And Quickly Goes Back To His Book


This Guy Has A Turtle Shell Backpack


This Sign On The London Underground Reminding People To Respect The British Culture


Dad’s Trying To Keep Up With Technology


Just Another Day On The Subway


Chilling Out On The Tube … Like A Boss


More Concerned About The Guy On The Bottom Right Tbh


Sleepy Pup On His Way Downtown


Einstein Achieves Time Travel( Subway, Buenos Aires)


This Pigeon Is Out Here Looking Like Every NYer Waiting For The Train


We’ve Reached That Point Of Summer Where Pad Installation Is Necessary


His Name Is John Cena


Taking The Underground Subway In Seoul. I Stumbled Upon A Train That Had Been Converted Into A Grocery Store


Some Would Call It Art


Thought Of You All When I Saw This Guy Selling Plants On My Subway Ride Home. He Kept Saying Things Like “I Don’t Sell Weed, I Precisely Sell Tropical Plants”


Actually Pretty High Odds


Not Books


On The Way To Pick Up Their Kids From Their Ex Wives


There Was A Fight At My Subway Stop, This Was The Aftermath

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This Is Art


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Normal Morning Until I Took The Subway


A Cinderella Story


Pet Bananas Are Allowed In Subway As Long As They Are On A Leash


Just What The Heck, New York


So NYC MTA( Subway) Banned All Dogs Unless The Owner Carries Them In A Bag. I Conceive This Owner Nailed It


This Guy’s Lunch Made It Onto The Train Without Him This Morning

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The Only Guy Guaranteed A Seat On The Tube At Rush Hour


Fixing Broken Subway Doors, The German Way

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