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12 Of The Most Impressive Ceilings In The World

Architecture and interior design are two different forms of art that are easy to take for granted. We’re surrounded by constructs every day, and they all become like white noise to us after a while. Unless you are an architect or a decorator yourself, “youre supposed to” don’t pay too close attention to what the ceilings or pillars look like in every new building you register. Occasionally, nonetheless, a ceiling will come along that simply can’t be ignored. Whether it’s an ancient building immersed in history or a modern building erupting with invention, some ceilings end up being cool than the rest of the structure combined.

These word-paintings show off some of the most visually stunning ceilings in all regions of the world. It’s a shame that works of art this good are exclusively on the ceiling, considering many people have probably elapsed them by without realise it over the years. From hotels in New York and Las Vegas to mosques in Iran, there’s no angle of the globe that this list doesn’t style. And don’t guess these are all recent examples, either. The last precedent on our list was built in 20 BC!

1. Bellagio Hotel( Las Vegas, Nevada)


2. Metro Station( Naples, Italy)


3. Nasir ol Molk Mosque( Shiraz, Iran)

MohammadReza Domiri Ganji

4. Abbey Library of Saint Gall( St. Gallen, Switzerland)


5. The Human Claim and Alliance of Civilizations Room( Geneva, Switzerland)


6. Gramercy Park Hotel( NYC, New York)


7. Mengjia Longshan Temple( Lukang, Taiwan)


8. The Temple Church( London, England)

Nick Garrod

9. The Hall of Ambassadors( Granada, Spain)


10. Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico( Mexico City, Mexico)

Live It Mexico

11. Salon Urbain( Montreal, Canada)

Arch Daily

12. The Maison Carree( Nimes, France)

Xavier de Jaureguiberry

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Updated: June 2, 2017 — 3:28 am

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