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10 Pics Of My Sisters’ Bedroom After I Restyled Its Walls To Look Like Scenery From The Legend Of Zelda

I’m Hannah Baker, and I extend Platypus Murals out of High Point, NC. I affection painting, and I’m always looking for brand-new programmes! I specially affection doing full area metamorphosis. So when my little sisters asked me to paint their chamber, I wanted to create something they are able to affection. We are all love of The Legend of Zelda, and the beautiful, open-world scenery of the Breath of the Wild was a perfect idea for their room! My sisters facilitated me drawing up the walls and ceiling, and I invested the next few weeks painting. I even included glow in the dark factors! My sisters love their brand-new chamber, and so do I! Now they have a part of a incredible open world inside of their room.

The membranes match the colouring palette, more!

In progress

I printed out screenshots that I took from my own file on the game to use as a comment. I spent a lot of day researching places in the game by exploring Hyrule with Link.

Link and Epona in front of Dueling Peaks

Painting up high

Even the ceiling was covered for this mural! I love the way it changes the whole room, but it can be challenging!


There’s a secret door in this picture, can you find it?

Here’s what the outside of that entrance looks like

I built the door look like you are coming out of the Shrine of Resurrection.

Some fun minor details…

… Little critters…

… Giant creatures!

A loot-crate as a suggestion of where to keep things that are most precious to my sisters.

Full look around the room

Are you a fan of the game? What details did you notice?


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