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Virtual realty: can a computer game revolve you into an’ immorality’ real estate developers?

Delaying repairs to save money and dehumanising your tenants … Adam Forrest becomes a virtual landowner and learns some interesting and depressing lessons Building my first high-rise tower wasnt too difficult. I hurled up some studio apartment, hooked them up with power and phone lines, arranged for a rubbish collecting, and welcomed my first holders. […]

Tech Q& A: Avoiding fees, spotting free alternatives to Word | Fox News

Illustration picture.( REUTERS/ Kacper Pempel) Watch out for these bills on your bank announcement Q. My recent bank statement has a charge from “Google* PlayStore GOOGLE.COM – CH/ CA.” What is that? A. That’s the format of remittances stirred through Google Payment( formerly Google Checkout ). If you don’t use Google Payments, it’s possible someone […]

‘Whole trip’ service obligates Airbnb bigger than ever, but many want tougher rules

Airbnb is taking on the tourism industry with an ambitious swelling and a star-studded opening but it comes at a delicate season for the company Airbnb is taking on the tourism industry by offering travellers jaunts and knowledge hosted by locals, an ambitious stretch which will allow people to contrive entire journeys through the home-sharing […]

John Oliver on Stephen Miller:’ Entitled, elitist asshole who refuses to take responsibility’

On Last-place Week Tonight, Oliver embraced a range of recent Trump controversies, as the president Boy Scouts speech and the proposed migration bill On Last-place Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at the Trump administration for its continued, self-generated chaos, addressing the presidents statements about his speech to the Boy Scouts jamboree, the White House […]

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